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SE Smartlinks

March 2017, Chrome Extension that allows users to custome set tiny URLS for long, complex resources

The Problem

Employees find it hard to find and access commonly used resources due to long URLs. Although bookmarks help in this situation, the list grows overtime, making it hard to find a specific item among the lot.

The Solution

Create a chrome extension (OS independent) that will allow users to set a custom, small handle for a long URL. 


SE smartlinks is a Chrome extension that allows users on any OS, to set a small handle for the websites/resources they use often. On entering the small handle in the broweser bar, the extension automatically maps this to the associated URL and redirects the user without any hassle.

The choice of extension was to ensure that the solution platform independent, works on Windows/iOS. It also makes maintainenance and distribution easy in terms of a singular solution.


My Role

Solution Formulation

Evaluating Solution Medium

UI Design

Development & Distribution

Tools & Technology

Adobe Photoshop

Javascript & jQuery

HTML5 and CSS3

*Copyright, Schneider Electric - IPO

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