Stock On Sale

March 2016, Application to sell excess stock at factories

The Problem
Excess stock at factories going to waste leading to considerable wastage and loss.

The Solution
Create a solution where excess stock and can bought and sold among various Schneider Electric facilities allowing effective use of stock and minimal wastage

Stock on Sale is a hybrid mobile application that enables users to buy and sell products that are at an excess in any given facility for discounted prices. This cross-regional application comes with an "Explore Products" module in addition to "Search Product" and that plays a crucial role in product discovery and sale. There in an in-app currency convert feature that aids in estimation and the sales process. Users can also share details of the product via the social share feature. Users also have the option to filter through search results and sort by cost, discount percentage, date.

My Role
Solution Formulation
Use case & Feature Definition
Solution Design
App animation design
Information Architecture

Tools & Technology
JavaScript & jQuery

*Copyright, Schneider Electric - IPO

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