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July 2016, Chrome Extension to control browser actions through gestures & eye tracking 

The Problem

Lack of simple and effective solutions to handle browser actions thriugh gestures or eye tracking

The Solution

A simple browser extension that allows users to scroll through web pages, presentations and provides for click-free video pause & play


Puppeteer is a Chrome extension that entails multiple features involving gesture and eye recognition.

First, it tracks a viewer's eyes and pauses a video when the user looks away from the screen and resumes playing when the viewer looks back.

Second, it allows users to slide through presentations by swiping their hands across the screen.

Finally, it allows users to scroll through web pages by a simple hand gesture.

With no extra hardware component or overhead, this simple solution works in an OS or machine independent manner.

My Role

Use case & Feature Definition

Solution Design


Tools & Technology



JavaScript & jQuery

Libraries: gest.min.js , objectdetect.js

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