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March 2014, On-the-go, secure request approval aggregator

The Problem
Approval requests & workflow requests remain pending with managers & workflow actors due to the sheer number of such tools, making it hard to track. Additional overhead of requests being stuck at a stage in the workflow when approvers are out of office or on vacation.

The Solution
To create a one-stop solution that aggregates workflow requests from multiple tools and is accessible on the go.

Consent in a mobile application that collates requests from multiple workflow tools and notifies the approver/workflow actor to take action.
Consent securely allows users to access, view and take action (approve/reject/request clarification) on requests from various tools inside a single a application. It allows users to view the request in detail with supporting documents and comments. It also allows the user to set reminders on requests and manage tool-wise push notifications.

My Role
User story and feature definition
Usability Testing
Solution Design
Tool Integration & Standardization

Tools & Technology
HTML5, JavaScript & CSS3
Angular JS
Ionic Framework

*Copyright, Schneider Electric - IPO

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